IOT Architecture


The IOT system has been designed to take sensor readings from multiple devices and link them to known cells in laboratories, this can be used to extract live experimental data or for environmental & audit purposes.

flowchart TD; A[fa:fa-satellite-dish Sensor 1] --> D(IOT Gateway) B[fa:fa-satellite-dish Sensor 2] --> D(IOT Gateway) C[fa:fa-satellite-dish Sensor 3] --> D(IOT Gateway) D --> E(fa:fa-arrow-right DataFlow processing) E --> F[fa:fa-database BigQuery IOT Data] E --> G[fa:fa-bell Alerts]

DB Schema

Sensors send a json packet containing the following fields. This allows a sensor package to send readings from multiple probes at a given time. e.g send the temperature, humidity and battery voltage.

classDiagram class SensorReading{ TIMESTAMP timestamp STRING deviceId STRING sensor1Id NUMERIC sensor1Value STRING sensor2Id NUMERIC sensor2Value STRING sensor3Id NUMERIC sensor3Value }

(timestamp and deviceId are required fields)